4 Covered Patio Ideas for Your Northeast Florida Custom Home

Homeowners are constantly seeking ways to enhance their outdoor living spaces. Regardless of whether the custom home style is Southern low-country, coastal or modern, one area that offers endless possibilities is a covered patio. A well-designed covered patio adds value to a home and provides a comfortable space to relax and entertain through all four seasons in Northeast Florida.

1. Create a cohesive indoor-outdoor living space

Florida patio ideas

One of the most important considerations during custom home design is the connection and ease of flow between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Our custom home clients often desire an open concept with large patio doors. Popular options include multi-slide doors or bifold doors that create a harmonious transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

This home in RiverTown connects its covered patio space with an expansive wall of sliding door panels, which is a great way to increase natural light and make the indoor space feel even more open.

2. Add all the essentials in a custom outdoor kitchen

Florida patio ideas

Time outdoors with friends and family, savoring delicious, fresh-grilled food… It’s an experience most of us cherish in our Florida homes. Installing an outdoor kitchen is the ultimate strategy for turning your covered patio into an entertainment center. Guests will gravitate to your summer kitchen just as they are drawn to gather in the kitchen inside your home.

This covered patio at a home we built in St. Johns, FL, is fully equipped with a range of appliances in the outdoor kitchen, including a built-in grill, refrigerator drawers and storage. It has everything needed for conveniently prepare delicious meals within the inviting outdoor setting.

3. Make room for conversations with a cozy seating area

Florida Patio ideas

No outdoor living space would be complete without a comfortable area to sit back and relax. One of the biggest advantages of having a covered patio in your custom home design is that your outdoor furniture will be more protected from fading and staining effects of Florida’s sun and rainy weather.

This beautiful home in St. Johns, FL features a patio space complete with a modern fireplace, herringbone paver flooring and a wooden pergola. The outdoor furniture is arranged to encourage conversations and create memories within the natural environment.

4. Keep air flowing with a large ceiling fan

Patio Ideas

You might escape the Florida sunshine while lounging on your covered patio, but the heat will still linger unless you force some air circulation. While planning the patio design with your custom homebuilder, take advantage of the overhead space and put in a large ceiling fan, or two!

This beautiful Tidewater Home built in St. Johns, Florida features a central ceiling fan which will help blow away smoke from the grill and keep guests cool at the outdoor dining table. The covered patio ceiling also features expertly placed recessed lights and speakers.

Building with Tidewater Homes

Building a custom luxury home in St. Johns, Jacksonville, or anywhere else is a significant undertaking. With over six decades of combined custom home and volume building experience among our founders, Tidewater Homes can help consult with you about the homesite selection or property that you already own. Our team of custom home design professionals will help you create a one-of-a-kind home plan that meets your unique lifestyle and needs.

Incorporating a covered patio into your custom home design plan is an excellent way to increase the value and functionality of your home. Our experience in custom home building allows us to seamlessly integrate outdoor spaces with the rest of the home, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious property design.

As a premier Northeast Florida home builder, Tidewater Homes provides top-tier custom home building services that exceed our clients’ expectations. Let’s get started!

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