5 Tips To Transform Your Custom Home into a Smart Home

If you’re interested in building a new luxury custom home that’s fully decked out with smart technology, the team here at Tidewater Homes can be your perfect home builder partner in Northeast Florida! With so many smart-enabled and wireless products on the market today, it might be challenging to navigate what will work best for your family’s lifestyle and what products will be most compatible with one another in your new custom home. Tidewater Homes has built hundreds of semi-custom and luxury custom homes in St. Johns County, Duval County, and Clay County. More and more clients are requesting for smart technology to be integrated into their custom built homes. Let’s talk through our most recommended smart home features and the many benefits they offer in a custom home!


  1. Smart Home Security

With home security becoming more and more innovative as technology advances, it’s easy to put this at the top of our list. There are a plethora of home security systems to choose from, from self-monitoring systems and wireless cameras that connect to your phone, to 24/7 subscription-based home security services from a professional provider. Many home security systems can also now be integrated with smart-enabled lights and garage doors. Whichever type of system you prefer, there is an option to provide security and peace of mind in your new home.


  1. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is an excellent feature that allows homeowners to control the lights in their homes via a remote panel, Wi-Fi connectivity or mobile app. Smart lighting often eliminates the need for dozens of light switches, and some lights can even be accessed via smart home systems like Apple Home, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. You can create customized and automated responses for your smart lighting, like programming your lights to turn off when you leave the house or come on at dusk. Smart lighting systems can help conserve energy consumption, enhance your home security, and provide more convenience than ever before.


  1. Smart Thermostat

This one’s on the list for anyone who gets a little testy when someone adjusts the thermostat without asking. Smart thermostats allow heating and cooling to be controlled entirely by a Wi-Fi connected device, which is extremely helpful in our Florida climate where managing cooling costs is essential for comfortable coastal living! You can even schedule temperature settings for different times of the day, essentially setting it and forgetting it. Installing a smart thermostat with an ENERGY STAR label can further lower your energy consumption and utility bills. Some smart thermostats on the market even have movement sensors, built-in learning capabilities for long-term efficiency, and energy use tracking!


  1. Smart Blinds

First, there were traditional blinds, then motorized blinds, and now awe-inducing smart blinds that truly level up any custom home. Smart blinds feature internal motors and are connected wirelessly, for easy use via a mobile app or smart home hub. They can be scheduled to open and close at your desired time of day or controlled manually even when you’re not home. Most models are intuitive enough to open or close based on the brightness outside. Like all smart home appliances, smart blinds make your home more energy-efficient, a big win in our book!


  1. Smart Outdoor Sound System

Blanket your outdoor space with your favorite tunes, all while controlling everything from a wi-fi connected device with an integrated smart outdoor sound system. Modern systems are weather-resistant, perfect for the heat, rain, and even bugs found in Florida. Smart outdoor systems provide ease-of-use and excellent sound quality making for more immersive and fun gatherings or personal ambiance in your backyard!


Planning your new Florida home with smart technology will provide you and your family with a unique and personalized home lifestyle. Invest in these types of smart home appliances and you will likely also see noticeable energy savings, as well. One of the best features of smart home technology is that the products can be integrated with one another and controlled via one smart home hub or a mobile device. Tidewater Homes is proud to be one of the leading Jacksonville-area custom home builders. Our design studio professionals can help customize your new home with all the technology that your family needs. Contact us today for a consultation!

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